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We are very excited to announce the launch of our KidEcars available to hire from our KidEco store in Lakeside shopping Centre (Unit 523/524 Brompton Walk, Lakeside shopping Centre, Thurrock RM20 2ZL - Opposite the entrance/exit to car park D Level 3)

Our KidEcars are the perfect way for your little ones to travel around lakeside while you shop 'till you drop. They will keep the children entertained and even have a basket for you to store your shopping! Why bring the buggy when they can drive their own car?!

The cars are suitable for children aged 18 months-5 years and can be hired from our KidEco store Monday - Saturday 10am-4pm and Sundays 11am-5pm (Please Note. Cars don't have to be returned before our  store closing. They can be returned anytime before the main Centre closes, by returning them to their stand in Brompton walk and popping the key card in the attached post box)


Peak times

(Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays)

ONLY £15 a day



Off Peak times

(Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays excluding Bank Holidays)

ONLY £10 a day

Car hire is subject to a £20 refundable deposit upon payment. This is to ensure cars are returned safely and without damage. You will be refunded your deposit automatically within 24 hours of return of the car.

We also offer a fantastic loyalty program. Hire our KidEcars from us 5 times and receive the 6th hire 1/2 price!!

Ask in store for your loyalty card today!


As will everything in our store, all money we raise goes into supporting local struggling families.

Please contact our KidEco store for more information:


Welcome to our new fleet of KidEcars

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